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INFO-BL INFO-BL Information Stickers - Blue (left and right)
MTE-021 MTE-021 Stand
Stands have a dual function. First, they can be used to hold slide hammers in an upright position for easy access. Second, they can be used to display a Quik-Post Real Estate Sign Post and sign in an office, lobby or convention center. The stand is not intended for outdoor use. Stands come in three pieces, and are easy to assemble. The stand has an approximate footprint of three feet.
Assembly Diagram
Double Ring Post Caps PC-DBK Post Cap - Double Ring - Black
Double Ring Post Caps PC-DBU Post Cap - Double Ring - Blue
Double Ring Post Caps PC-DRD Post Cap - Double Ring - Red
  PC-DWC Post Cap - Double Ring - Cabana Cap (White)
Double Ring Post Caps PC-DWT Post Cap - Double Ring - White
Single Ring Post Caps PC-SBK Post Cap - Single Ring - Black
Single Ring Post Caps PC-SBU Post Cap - Single Ring - Blue
Single Ring Post Caps PC-SRD Post Cap - Single Ring - Red
Single Ring Post Caps PC-SWT Post Cap - Single Ring - White
QP-1017 QP-1017 Stakes are made of carbon steel with a wall thickness of approximately 1/8". Each stake has holes to accommodate our locking system. The stake was designed for maximum hold when installed.
QP-1325 QP-1325 Info pocket plugs are made of soft foam and push directly into the tube to create a 'dead end' so that information flyers are not lost 'down' the post.
  QP-22RE Flat Flyer Box - White (without stand)
  QP-22REH Flat Flyer Box - White (with stand)
  QP-23RE Flat Flyer Box - Black (without stand)
  QP-23REH Flat Flyer Box - Black (with stand)
QP-4601 QP-4601 The rider attachment is used in conjunction with a post to allow a rider to be attached at the top of a post. Hardware to attach riders is provided. Dimensions 18" long with four 1/4" holes with 16" centers.
Removal Pin QR-0099 The removal pin is used in conjunction with the slide hammer to easily remove a stake from the ground.
50 Quik-Rings QR-0172 Two Quik-Rings are provided with every post we sell. They can also be purchased separately. Unlike the old "S" hooks that come loose and bend out of shape. Our Quik-Rings install and remove by hand easily and won't come loose. Quik-Rings can be purchased in quantities of 50 pieces with a container.
Clevis Pin with Split Ring QR-7618 The clevis pin and split ring are used on each sign post to hang signage.
Slide Hammers SLD-022
22 lb or 32 lb Slide Hammer
The Slide Hammer is used to install and remove stakes. They are available in either 22lb or 32lb weights. These hammers are made of heavy gauge steel up to a 1/2" thick on some parts. The body is powder coated with plated internal parts, and finished with a urethane handle. The simple design makes the hammer easy to use and handle. The 22lb hammer is perfect for most installations. However, if you experience hard/tough ground frequently, the 32lb hammer is the best choice.
  • 22lb hammer stands 37" tall
  • 32lb hammer stands 40" tall
Lock Key TMPR-01 Lock Key
The key has the appearance of a screw driver, and is made to install and remove locks.
Post Locks TMPR-06 Post Locks
The locks are an inexpensive spring loaded cylinder. When inserted into a post will lock into the stake.
Truck Bed Post Rack 1   Truck Rack
This is a rack for pickup trucks to carry posts , signage, and tools.

Truck Bed Post Rack 2 Truck Bed Post Rack 3 Truck Bed Post Rack 4 Truck Bed Post Rack 5

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