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Installation Instructions

Stake & Post Installation Instructions for Realty Sign Posts

1. Loading Stake

Step 1 Loading StakeLoad stake open side down while holding slide hammer handle. When installed properly the open side of the stake will always face the same direction of the post info slot.

2. Placing Stake

Step 2 Placing StakePlace stake and slide hammer into position. You should be facing the yellow sticker with arrow.

3. Un-Locking Slide Hammer

Step 3 Un-Locking Slide HammerWith both hands push lock pin from back side while pulling from the front to re-locate lock pin with yellow arrow.

4. Sliding Hammer

Step 4 Sliding HammerUse both hands. Grab the black handle lifting the slide body and then forcing back to stake.

As hammering progresses you may want to let go of the handle on the way down for smoother strikes.




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5. Optional Stake Install

Step 5 Optional Stake Install

6. Correct Depth

Step 6 Correct DepthIf you are using our locking system the correct depth for the stake will be the equivalent of the U-Shape at the end of the slide hammer to the ground approximately 6 inches.

Note: Stake Adjustments
For a straight and level install, drive the stake about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way into soil. Then remove the slide hammer and install your post. Now you should have an idea of what angle the stake must be driven. Load the slide hammer back into the stake and push in the direction you need the stake to go. Continue to drive the stake in.

7. Installing Lock

Step 7 Installing LockSlide the key into the lock until both tangs pull in. Slide the key and lock into the post lock hole until it dead ends. This may take some finessing to line up all the holes. Holding the lock in place, remove the key. When installed correctly, the lock will not pull out without the key.

8. Stake Removal

Step 8 Stake RemovalFor stake removal, load the slide hammer into the stake. Insert ring pin removal tool through both holes in the stake. Leaving slide hammer in lock position, try lifting slide hammer out of the stake quickly hitting the removal pin.

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